In Search of My Last 1st Date
For Boomers Only ~
Insider’s Secrets for Finding Your SoulMate in

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Your SoulMate is only a click away—swirling around in cyberspace—waiting for you to log on for love.

In Search of My Last 1st Date is the definitive guidebook to help single Baby Boomers pick their way through the sometimes perilous and potentially heart-wrenching Internet dating dance.

Finding a SoulMate online is possible at any age, but, for Boomers, it can present distinctive challenges. This practical step-by-step playbook, demonstrates how to shortcut the tedious matching process and take control of your search for ‘the One’.

“A different kind of how-to book—straightforward, entertaining.”
~Ann (63), Arizona

“The Ground Rules were worth the price of the book!”
~Dennis (52), California

“Thought-provoking … [Miller] really nails the ‘settling’ debate!”
~Richard (47), Florida

“Just cynical enough to be refreshing”.
~Jeanette (45), New York

While slugging it out in the trenches, author Miller and her numerous male Internet buddies learned how to successfully navigate the murky waters of the cyber-dating world. They share tips, techniques, and tantalizing tales, plus astonishingly frank e-mail exchanges describing their escapades.

Considering Internet dating?
Dabbled fruitlessly?
Experienced Seeker with less-than stellar results?

These savvy, seasoned Seekers reveal the not-so-glamorous, behind-the-scenes reality of what happens when mature Singles get online to get hooked up. They clarify the thorny issues of sex, “settling”, security, Chemistry, compatibility and long distant relationships.

Determine if you’re ready for this challenge. Discover how much baggage is too much. Learn how to choose a Boomer friendly dating site tailored to your unique needs; to play by the seven Ground Rules; and to create an effective profile with the Guides for Profile Success.

Time’s a wastin’. If your SoulMate is MIA, heed their unvarnished advice for a less stressful, more successful search.